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Animated link underlines

Author: Kieren Harding

This fun CSS code adds an animated underline to links on the page when the mouse rolls over them to grab visitors' attention!


"I'm happy to announce the first Dynamic Drive CSS code contest, hopefully the first of many to come! Show off your CSS talents by submitting an original, CSS example to possibly be featured here. The top 3 submissions will each be awarded with a prize"

The single image used:

The CSS:

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Date Posted: 09/17/2006

Revision History: None

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It has promise, but this particular example is quite ugly.
Posted by Nathan on 09/18, 05:21 AM
Nathan, this particular graphic was only used for demonstration purposes and can easily be changed.
Posted by kieren on 09/19, 09:28 AM
Excellent work buddy...
Posted by SEO Tools on 09/20, 12:26 PM
It's nice,I like it!
Posted by roadtoweb on 09/24, 07:39 AM
Nice; simple but effective. It's definetely something "outside of the box". It may be simple, but I have to say, that I would have never though of it
Posted by Mike Burt on 09/25, 06:20 PM
Just an excellent addition to coding. I wish I was smart enough to have thought of it! But none-the-less...excellent.
Posted by Ron on 10/13, 11:16 AM
So simple yet so effective. Good work!
Posted by Ewan on 10/18, 04:42 AM
Nice effect, I guess it could be use to attract users attention with out overload the page, thanks.
Posted by rguerra on 10/18, 04:55 PM
oh my. this is as annoying as blink and marquee. may animated gifs haunt you in your dreams.
Posted by michael on 10/24, 07:10 PM
Cool feature can you box it around the link too?
Posted by dan on 11/02, 07:57 PM

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