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DD Tab Menu- incorporating 5 CSS horizontal menus

Date: 04/27/2007 | By ddadmin | Comments: 53
I've decided to create a 2 level Tab Menu based 5 of the CSS horizontal menus found here. Turn to this script when you need your CSS menu to support a second horizontal level. Oh yes, and if you like the script please digg it (to the right)!
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thanks for all that coding trying to learn
Posted by nav on 05/15, 11:08 AM
very nice, will certainly come in handy
Posted by Meet Women on 05/28, 05:50 PM
Another great example of css horizontal menus.
Posted by Ethan on 06/08, 09:39 AM
hi , great post , 10x for the tips
Posted by cars on 06/18, 03:24 PM
Had similar problems as Latika. Reworking the site, so will definitely try again. Thanks!
Posted by CEC on 06/29, 01:32 PM
hey great post thank for all the tips.
Posted by עיצובים on 07/12, 05:39 PM
Do you need any help on CSS. I have enough information.
Posted by Jennifer on 07/16, 05:00 AM
Nice menus - Thank you for the excellent article and your design ideas
Posted by Geschenke on 07/24, 08:19 AM
Just exactly what i've been looking for. thanks
Posted by Busby SEO Challenge on 07/31, 03:06 PM
Useful for horizontal menus with a lot of links.
For example, on a web directory, if you want to list all the categories stored.
Nice work!
Posted by iwebdir on 08/17, 05:06 PM

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