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DD Tab Menu- incorporating 5 CSS horizontal menus

Date: 04/27/2007 | By ddadmin | Comments: 53
I've decided to create a 2 level Tab Menu based 5 of the CSS horizontal menus found here. Turn to this script when you need your CSS menu to support a second horizontal level. Oh yes, and if you like the script please digg it (to the right)!
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Wow, this is beautiful! I don't quite get what you mean 2 level tab menu, but I'm really impress with all your css code and design here.
Posted by ken on 05/27, 05:17 PM
Wow! That's a fantastic idea having menu in second horizontal line. I will surely digg it, but let me first check it thoroughly. Thanks
Posted by Dedicated Server on 06/05, 11:41 AM
This is a whole new source of code for me!
Thanks...I needed this!
Posted by Ted Mieske on 07/23, 12:37 PM
Can someone tell me how to adjust the height of the tabs? I tried adding "height:22px;" to the section where it says ".ddcolortabs a span" and it works on firefox but for some reason the tabs' width in IE expanded instead of the height.
Posted by Roy on 07/27, 04:56 AM
I also want to thank for new release version thanks alot
Posted by Tom on 07/29, 12:12 AM
I think this is a realy good tutorial for a 2 level Tab Menue with a nice look. Thank you......
Posted by Webdesign on 11/13, 08:55 AM
your site is like a pandora box for me. I can dig anything useful from it. Good work keep it up!
Posted by sunny on 11/13, 12:10 PM
when i am taking my mouse over the option then it is showing the text underneath the menu, and is it possible to show them when we click? and second thing, are these underneath links are seo friendly?
Posted by Sanjeev on 12/13, 09:29 AM
Impresive, nice CSS code great! thanks for the help
Posted by KM Web Developers Melbourne on 05/05, 12:22 PM
This is just great. I implemented the 2nd example on my page. Changed the colors a bit. Works fine. I added second level Menu and it is displaying BUT it is displaying under <div>section of text that is just below the menu. In fact it is displaying about 50+px down and 100+px right from where it should be. Do you know what could be the reason for that? i really need the second level menu.
Posted by Latika on 05/14, 12:24 PM

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