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CSS code contest #1

Date: 07/21/2006 | By ddadmin | Comments: 10
I'm happy to announce the first Dynamic Drive CSS code contest, hopefully the first of many to come! Show off your CSS talents by submitting an original, CSS example to possibly be featured here. The top 3 submissions will each be awarded with a prize.

Here are the rules for the contest:

  • Submit an original CSS example, whether it's a CSS menu, image effect, or skeleton CSS layout etc. Originality is defined as code that may be inspired by techniques found on the web but ultimately put together by yourself. Any images used must be 100% original.
  • Your code must be 100% CSS based. No JavaScript allowed.
  • Submissions are judged on the basis of practicality, coding style, and originality. For this first contest, I (ddadmin) will be the sole judge.
  • The top 3 submissions will each receive an award. By submitting your code you understand and grant Dynamic Drive the right to include it in our library regardless.
  • All entries submitted between now (July 21st) and August 21st are eligible.

The prizes for this event are as follows: 1st place: $50 Amazon gift certificate. 2nd place: $30 Amazon gift certificate. 3rd place: $20 Amazon gift certificate.

So what are you waiting for? To submit your CSS code for entry, you may either post it to our Code submission area, or via email (zip attachment or URL to code) to

Good luck!

Your Comments (10)

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Nice contest you got going here. Is there a maximum ammount of submissions per contestant?
Posted by Damien on 07/26, 01:25 PM
Hi Damien:
No, there are no limit to the number of entries per coder.
Posted by ddadmin on 07/26, 10:24 PM
Sounds good. If you submit a piece of code but then later find out there is a mistake or something similar in your code, what are the conditions for updating a piece of code if there are any?

Thanks, DrDrrae.
Posted by DrDrrae on 08/01, 10:01 PM
You may certainly request that a code you've previously be submitted be updated for bug fixes or improvements, via email or on DD forums. Please note that ultimately the decision rests with us whether the update should be applied to the original code.
Posted by ddadmin on 08/01, 10:21 PM
i have builded my web site using the dynamic drive's so gooooood.
Posted by johnny on 08/08, 12:05 PM
I have used many dyanamic drive codes in my programs. very nice to see...
Posted by Vipin on 08/10, 11:58 AM
Just an update to the CSS contest- as there have not yet been any qualified entries, I'm extending this contest for another month, until September 21st. Hopefully we can get some quality entries by then. This is the first contest, so I expected things to be slow.
Posted by ddadmin on 08/22, 08:36 AM
In the agreement above it states:
"By submitting your code you understand and grant Dynamic Drive the right to include it in our library regardless"

What is with the copyright, hopefully it stays with the contestant or at least in the document that is submitted.
Posted by Mark on 09/10, 10:07 PM
So who's the winners????? its gone past the 21st!
Posted by kev on 09/23, 10:15 AM
Ok, an update to this contest and to wrap things up. There was only one entry ("Animated Link Underlines") that made it into the CSS Library, so that entry will be awarded 3rd place. Hopefully the next contest will draw more participants.
Posted by ddadmin on 09/25, 08:58 PM

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