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07/16/2008- All Levels Navigational Menu: Adds ability to create vertical side menus apart from the default horizontal menus. Drop down menus now auto adjusts themselves if too close to either window's right or bottom edges. IFRAME shim "coverage" on page expanded.

07/11/2008- Featured Content Slider v2.4: Fixes a bug plus adds ability to select a particular slide by passing a parameter to the URL itself.

06/20/2008- Accordion Content script v1.5: You can now specify that at least one header should be open at all times. Also updated Accordion Menu page with a new Apple Style Silver Menu.

06/12/2008- Featured Content Slider v2.3: Updated script from v2.0 to v2.3, which adds 2 new features and changes the script behavior to now actually collapse the previous content before showing the new one, instead of just tucking the former underneath the later.

06/04/2008- Accordion Content script v1.4: Adds ability to activate headers "mouseover" instead of just "click", plus fixes a persistence related bug when used with jquery 1.2.6.

06/04/2008- Animated Collapsible DIV v2.01: Fixes a general bug when used with jquery 1.2.6.

05/15/2008- Color Picker Widget: Script now auto colors preview controls based on hex value (if any) in corresponding input field when page loads.

04/16/2008- DHTML modal windows: Updated to v1.1, bringing in sync with DHTML Window widget v1.1 and the various improvements. Also fixes a couple of bugs specific to Modal Window script itself.

04/09/2008- Tab Content Script/ Ajax Tabs Content: Scripts updated to v2.2, which adds support for selecting a tab via a link on another page and using a URL parameter.

04/03/2008- Accordion Content script: Updated to v1.3, which adds a couple of much sought-after features, plus harmonious co-existence with other JS frameworks on the same page. Accordion Menu script as a result was also automatically updated.

03/27/2008- Switch Content Script/ Switch Content Script II: Added ability for certain headers to get its contents remotely from an external file via Ajax!

02/29/2008- Drop Down/ Overlapping Content: Adds 3 new options, including option to reveal drop down content via "click" of anchor link instead of "mouseover".

02/23/2008- DD Tab Menu (5 styles): Adds ability for menu to revert back to default selected tab when mouse moves out of menu.

02/18/2008- Tab Content Script/ Ajax Tabs Content: Both scripts updated to v2.1, which adds a new public method to easily paginate between tabs.

02/12/2008- Featured Content Glider: Added ability to retrieve contents from an external file using Ajax ("remotecontent" variable added to configuration).

02/01/2008- Featured Content Glider: Added four possible slide directions: "updown", "downup", "leftright", or "rightleft" Changed glide behavior to reverse direction when previous button is clicked.

12/19/2007- Drop Down/ Overlapping Content: Added ability to populate drop down content using an external file (via Ajax).

11/29/2007- Lightbox Image viewer v2.03a: Added ability for a caption to be hyperlinked.

11/03/2007- Featured Content Slider: Added optional fade transition effect.

10/29/2007- DHTML Window widget: Updated to v1.1, which adds "focus" effect to the current active window, plus changed "close window" behavior to empty window contents instead of just hide window.

09/21/2007- Random Content Order script: Updated with ability to randomize TR elements (auto detect), instead of just the default DIV.

08/28/2007- Open offsite links in new window: Script rewritten for various improvements, including ability to remember desired user setting via cookies.

07/24/2007- Ultimate Fade In Slideshow: Minor update that fixes the transitional effect not working in Safari 3.x.

07/09/2007- Ajax Tab Content: Added session only persistence to tabs. Only .js file changed.

06/27/2007- Animated Collapsible DIV: Added ability for a DIV to be initially expanded.

05/05/2007- DHTML Window widget updated to v1.03, which fixes two bugs. DHTML Modal Window updated to v1.01, which modified behavior of window slightly.

04/13/2007- Lightbox Image viewer v2.03: Adds improved keyboard navigation. Animation off toggle. Hides Flash movies under overlay. Imagemap support. Valid CSS.

04/05/2007- Switch Content Script: Added ability to persist content states by x days versus just session only. Only .js file changed!

03/26/2007- DHTML Window widget: Fixed bug with window's "restore" icon not being updated to "minimize" when is called on a minimized window.

03/22/2007- Slashdot Menu: Script completely overhauled for various new features.

03/11/2007- Photo Album script v2.0: Script updated to v2.0, which adds support for multiple albums on the same page, ability to run custom code when an image is clicked on.

03/09/2007- Drop-in image slideshow: Script completely rewritten. Now supports multiple instances on the same page, and pause onmouseover.

03/01/2007- Featured Content Slider: You can now customize the pagination links' text, plus the "Next" button, by passing in an array of text, plus rich HTML, respectively.

02/22/2007- DHTML Window widget: Updated to v 1.01, which adds error handling within custom "onclose" event handler, and fixed issue with "recal" parameter not working in short pages in IE.

02/08/2007- Bookmark site script: Script updated to work in Opera as well (Opera 7+).

02/08/2007- Image Tooltip with description: Fixed positioning bug in IE that occurs when page contains a valid doctype.

02/05/2007- Image Thumbnail Viewer II: Improved ease of setup, plus fixed issue with transitional effect in IE7.

01/25/2007- Switch Content script: Fixed a bug with the defaultExpanded() feature not being honoured when persistence is enabled. Only applicable the first time the page is loaded within a browser session. Only .js file changed!

12/18/2006- RSS Display Boxes: The pagination interface for a RSS Box can now be fully customized by going into "manual" pagination mode and the use of "templates."

11/27/2006- Interstitial Content Box: Added option to hide document scrollbars when interstitial box is shown, plus auto hide box after x seconds.

11/14/2006- Chrome CSS Menu: Added "iframe shim" feature for allowing drop down menus to correctly appear on top of windowed objects such as forms in IE5.5 and IE6.

11/08/2006- Tab Content script, Ajax Tab Content: Added method for selecting a tab dynamically (ie: via a link). Only .js file of respective script changed.

10/28/2006- Featured Content Slider: Added ability for any of the DIVs to load its content from an external page instead, via Ajax.

10/10/2006- Style Sheet Switcher (v1.1): Added ability to randomly pick a stylesheet to apply to the page (automatically) with 3 different levels of "randomness".

09/22/2006- Bullet image link: Updated to support multiple bullet images for different links, each with their own independent offset settings.

09/22/2006- Form Dependency Manager: Added "EMPTY" keyword to logic. Script no longer tramples over existing events on the form elements.

09/22/2006- Cross browser snake: Improved snake animation, plus removed need for iframe.

09/07/2006- Switch Menu II: Script updated to v2.2, which includes persistence of menu state using cookies, plus optional fading transitions.

08/29/2006- DD Tab Menu, DD Tab Menu 2: Overhauled CSS of these two menus for much easier configuration, plus added a couple of subtle features.

08/24/2006- CMotion Image Gallery: Updated by Jscheuer1 for various improvements, such as easy centering and ability to use percentage for the gallery's width.

08/23/2006- Dock Content script: Script updated to now work in Firefox 1.5+ as well.

07/31/2006- Drop down/ overlapping content: Script updated with ability for overlapping content to drop down beneath and/or to the left of the activating link.

07/24/2006- Slashdot Menu: Added Expand All/ Contract All submenus links, plus ability to specify all submenus be contracted by default.

06/14/2006- Chrome CSS Menu: Script updated to version 2.0, which includes numerous improvements.

04/11/2006- Typing Text script: Script rewritten to now support typing out of HTML tags and entities!

03/16/2006- Pausing up-down scroller: Fixed padding issue so right padding is correctly applied to the scroller.

02/22/2006- PHP Photo Album script: Added ability to sort the order of the images by file date (ascending or descending). The default is by file name (alphabetically).

02/01/2006- Chrome CSS Menu: Added extra CSS to render optional shadow to drop down menu in IE.

01/09/2006- Flying letters: Script updated for cross browser compatibility and efficiency.

01/09/2006- Typing Text script: Script rewritten to work cross browser and more efficiently.

12/26/2005- DOM rollover script: Updated to version 3, which fixes an obscure broken image bug, plus uses HTML syntax that validates.

12/26/2005- Xin's Popup Calendar: Modified code slightly to work in Opera 8.0. Only "cal2.js" changed.

12/22/2005- Draggable Elements script: Simple drag and drop script updated to work in Firefox and Opera.

12/14/2005- Dynamic Ajax Content: Added instructions on using a SELECT menu to load a file versus a regular link.

12/14/2005- Ajax rotating includes: Fixed bug related to error when calling the script multiple times on a page.

12/06/2005- Local Time script: Updated script to support ASP pages (so ASP based pages can use this script as well).

12/06/2005- Ultimate Fade-in slideshow (v1.5): Updated to v1.5, which adds the ability to pause slideshow onMouseover, enhanced efficiency in IE, and finally, compatibility with IE5.5, IE5, and even IE4 (limited).

11/26/2005- Photo album script: Fixed minor bug with navigational links used to cycle through the images , plus added CSS to optionally control image dimensions.

11/10/2005- Snow Effect: Smoother animation, ability to hide snow after x seconds, and option for snow to drop down the full height of page. And just in time for the Holiday seasons!

10/31/2005- Cross Browser Marquee II: Script rewritten to scroll plain HTML, for ease of customization.

10/03/2005- Floating Top Bar script: Added ability to float bar from the bottom of the window (instead of top).

09/20/2005- Jason's Date Input Calendar: Updated calendarDateInput.js, which increases the list of supported date formats, plus fixes a couple of bugs.

08/15/2005- Anylink CSS Menu: Improved menu positioning behavior so if it doesn't have space to drop down nor up, it is positioned at the top edge of the browser window instead.

08/02/2005- Anylink Drop down menu: Added border around each menu item and improved menu positioning behavior. For the later, if a menu doesn't have the space to drop down nor up, it is positioned at the top edge of the browser window instead.

07/27/2005- Cool DHTML ToolTip I, Cool DHTML Tooltip II: Fixed bug in both scripts that caused tooltip to be postioned incorrectly when the activating link(s) is contained inside a positioned DIV in IE.

07/18/2005- Email Riddler: Not really a script update, but added a Preview feature to the Email Riddler tool.

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