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Installing multiple versions of IE on one computer

Web developers have long wished for the ability to install multiple versions of IE on the same computer for development purposes. Well, one interesting article looks at how this could be done in Windows XP. Important- Use the contained info at your own risk!

Uberlink CSS rollover menu
This is yet another great illustration on using pure CSS to add rollover effects to regular menu links on a page. Don't worry JavaScript, there's still work for you out there...

CSS rollover links walkthru
Perhaps the most comprehensive walkthru on using CSS to apply rollover effects to regular links, this article also showcases CSS as a much more intricate technology than many would think.

Designing with web standards" review
We review the high-profile book "Designing with web standards" by web designer and standards proponent Jeffery Zeldman.

NYPL XHTML styling guide
As more and more sites abandon HTML to ride the XHTML wave for conformity to web standards, you feel the pressure ever more intense. Fear not. The New York Public Library has published an excellent HTML->XHTML styling guide that will for sure alleviate your fear and confusion on XHTML and prepare you for the inevitable.

Denim website prototyping tool
Denim seems to be getting lots of attention lately, from an article on Wired to feature on WebMonkey. What is it? In a nutshell, a web site prototyping tool that allows you to intuitively "sketch" out a site's design and test run it. Rather cool, and very much free.

Enkoder Form script
Enkoder is a php-to-javascript email scrambling script, and will choke most spambots that attempt to add you to their list of victims.

What do you call a cutting edge site that blendes the art of DHTML into both its design and offerings? YoungPup.net!

GeoFlag Script
GeoFlag is one of those more interesting services we've recently come across. With just one snippet of code, it allows you to display personalized messages to your visitors depending on their geography...

DOM Tooltip script
DOM Tooltip is an extremely versatile and powerful script for providing "pop up descriptions" for links and other elements on your page when the mouse moves over them. Cycle through the 10+ demo pages to see the various situations this script can come in handy.

CSS highlight/bend menu
As CSS (cascading style sheets) matures, no doubt more and more effects created in the past using scripting will be replaced with merely a few lines of CSS code. Here's an interesting, CSS version of a highlight menu effect.

NOP's JavaScript shopping cart
If you run any kind of ecommerce site, you're probably familiar with the term "shopping cart." And in case you're looking for one doesn't rely on server side manipulation, NOP's free JS shopping cart looks promising indeed.

DOM Calendar
It's DOM this DOM that everywhere these days it seems. Well, DOM this- a calendar script written completely using the DOM of IE5/NS6. Each day of the month is hyperlinked, making it easy to execute different functions when a particular date is clicked on. Enjoy.

DHTML- The Definitive Reference (2nd edition, O'Reilly)Book review: DHTML The Definitive Reference
We review O'Reilly's popular DHTML Book- "The Definitive Reference (2nd edition)", and see if it's the guiding light in today's DHTML mayhem.

TreeView script
TreeView touts itself as the only cross browser "tree" menu script with a  graphical interface (optional) for specifying the links. Based on the demos, it's quite impressive any way you look at it.

MS Frontpage code cleaner
If you use MS Frontpage to create your webpages, no doubt at some point you've come to be appalled by the kind of HTML it generates. Redundant and incorrectly closed-off tags litter your pages' source, bloating their file size at the same time.

This online tool runs after Frontpage and attempts to "cleans up" some of the damage, primarily removing redundant tags. The result is usually a leaner, faster downloading webpage.

Warning- As with any automated tool, it's not perfect. Always make a backup of your original webpage beforehand.

Fancy textarea replacement
This is a free DHTML component that transforms your regular form TEXTAREAs into rich HTMLArea. Now instead of just plain text, your <textarea> can accept HTML (rich text, images etc).

Note that this component currently only works in IE. An impressive demonstration of the formatting abilities of DHTML, nevertheless.

Zooming menu animation
Oktay's menu animation script illustrates the use of Dynamic CSS to "zoom in" on elements on a page. It's impressive, though unfortunately as is only works in IE5+. Serves as good inspiration for cool menu effects, however!

Ping Plotter Freeware
Is your site slow or inaccessible? Ping Plotter is your first line of offense in determining the problem
, through the combination of trace route and ping. Enter your site address, and watch Ping Plotter graphically plot the route to it from your computer, revealing along the way any problematic spots. Very useful.

The ultimate form validation script?
Form validation to different people mean different things, from ensuring that a valid number is entered to enforcing the length of a field's input. This JS validation script attempts to cover all the major bases. How successful- and useful- is it? We'll let you be the judge. 

The amazing left scrollbar
Scrollbars can only appear on the right side of content, right? Well, not according to this example. Thanks to Quiet Storm for sending us the technique. IE6 required.

Fading image intro
This demo combines two popular aspects of DHTML- animation and image fading- to create a very impressive fading image intro. It's a good testimony to the possibilities of the technology.

Bummer: This script requires IE5+, and due to the complexity of the effect, a fast computer to render smoothly. To retrieve the source code, simply view source on the demo page.

Thanks to Xabier Vázquez for the effect.

Image flashlight demo
Tony Foster, a Dynamic Drive visitor, has created this mesmerizing image flashlight demo to illustrate the power of DHTML. Adjust the light settings and shine a flash light on an image. You'll need IE4+ to view this demo. 

Forklift animation
Have a little fun operating a virtual forklift before moving on with your daily chores and events :) Bring your IE (or NS4) for this one.

CodingForums.com is the new developer's forum for our partner site JavaScript Kit. Discuss web coding and development, from JavaScript, PHP, CGI, to CSS and general web building!

13th Parallel- DHTML experiments and articles

13th Parallel is a cutting edge DHTML site keen on getting developers to think out-of-the-box when DHTML scripting. Updated monthly with thought provoking articles and tutorials, it's definitely worth a visit.

Browser trends- IE6 popularity suffocating NS

A new report by data mining company WebsideStory reaffirms IE's dominance in the browser market, with IE5 and IE6 reporting back as the two most popular browsers online. Of interest is the steady increase in popularity of IE6, now comprising 30% (up from 24% 7 months ago) of total browsers used. All this comes at the expense of NS, which continues to dwindle in popularity (7% of market).

The report does make special note of AOL's potential role in upsetting the current browser trends. Earlier this year AOL indicated it may be dropping IE in favor of its own browser (variant of Netscape 6) as the default browser for its service soon. AOL has 34 million users.

SVG resources

SVG is an emerging web standard that promises to take client-side scripting to the next level, by allowing for the creation of vector animations and filter effects using pure scripting. A lot of buzz has been surrounding this technology in recent months- see what they're all about, with the below SVG starting points:

- W3C's SVG proposal
- Adobe SVG plugin download (required to view SVG)
- KevLinDev Guru extraordinaire
- Using SVG filters
- SVG Wiki
- "SVG is real Flash"

BK ReplaceEm- search-and-replace program

As your site grows in number of pages, so does the difficulty of updating shared information (ie: copyright notice or site URL) across all these pages. We recently had to change some 900 pages of a site for various changes (site name, URL etc), and needed the most robust search-and-replace program out there. Our findings? BK ReplaceEm is an eventual must have program for any webmaster working with a growing site.

Cool experiments in DHTML and beyond

Raid Glen's scripting lab and see some interesting concoctions of DHTML, Java, XML, and more.

3dhtml- DHTML toolkit for 3D apps

If you're looking to render 3D models using DHTML, 3dhtml is an excellent starting point, with tutorials, custom code, and references on the subject.

Noteworthy CSS effects for NS6/Mozilla forms

Netscape 6 may not be catching on yet, but when it comes to support for CSS, it's sure has caught up with IE. Tuxracer (a Dynamic Drive surfer) demonstrates this with three neat CSS effects for forms. Bring your NS6/Mozilla browser!

Ouija Board

Looking for answers in your life? Don't want to pay $50 to Miss Cleo to find out? Pay the DHTML "Ouija" board a visit instead!

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