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Noteworthy CSS effects for NS6+/Mozilla 0.92 forms

Netscape 6 may not be catching on yet, but when it comes to support for CSS, it's sure has caught up with IE. Tuxracer (a Dynamic Drive surfer) demonstrates this by showing several interesting CSS effects for forms, applicable in NS6+ and Mozilla 0.92+ only. Eat your hearts out IE users (hay, that includes us)!

-Puesdo class form:focus
-Puesdo class form:hover
-Attribute: -moz-border-radius

Case 1: Use the CSS2 puedo class :focus to dynamically color the form element currently in focus:


<style type="text/css">
input:focus { background-color: #FFFF99 }
textarea:focus { background-color: #FFFF99 }
Demo: Click on the various form elements:

Case 2: Use the CSS2 puedo class :hover on form buttons to dynamically color them onMouseover:


<style type="text/css">
input[type="button"]:hover { background-color: lime }
Demo: Move your mouse over the form buttons

Case 3: Give form buttons round edges!


<style type="text/css">
input[type="button"] { -moz-border-radius:25px }
input[type="submit"] { -moz-border-radius:25px }

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IE- Indicates script works with Internet Explorer 4 and above
NS6!- Temporary index set up on script category pages to indicate script works in NS6

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