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    I have a page with a registration form on it, when click submit, it sends me to a thank you page where I have the choice of paying with paypal or click a button to add another person. If I click "add another member" I go back to my first page.
    What I'd like, it's to have a counter to count how many times I went back and add a member so when I am ready to check out and pay it will show me the right amount.
    Do you know any simple script which can do that?
    Thank you.

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    A simple script for this seems like a bad idea.
    I mean... if money is involved, then you need something more secure. Or at least your customers will want something more secure.

    A counter is easy. A counter for a certain person is harder. And a counter for a certain person that accesses a certain page only in a certain way by doing something is harder.

    the code itself is pretty easy, but you need to figure out how it will count.

    You need to come up with the logic of what EXACTLY counts as a "hit", then it's just a matter of counting hits.

    How will the php code know if it's a hit or not?
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