hi all:

first i have to say that i donīt have any experience in working with java,... iīm doing a little site for my own using dreamweaver. so, look at this link: (http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex11/scrollc2.htm)
- thatīs the way i wanna do it, but:

how can i
1. change the position of the text-frame (i just call it frame right now) - should be on: x=30px (left) and y=286px (top)
2. size of the text-frame: x=620px, y=270px
3. no visible border around the text
4. frame colour#, text colour#, background colour#
5. the arrows should be placed perpenticular (up above down) at the right end outside the frame, like: up: x=660px, y= 286px / down: x=660px, y= 556px
6. should work on ie, ns, ff and opera

would be great to hear from u soon
thanks a lot