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Thread: help cool DHTML tooltip cant make it work

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    Question help cool DHTML tooltip cant make it work

    first of all thank you for this great site it realy helped my alot of scripts but there is one script that i cant make it work here is a link to the script it called cool DHTML tooltip

    i wrote the first two steps but the thired step i dont know where should i put it plz make a code simple

    Step 3: Finally, add the following inside any link or page element that will contain a tooltip:

    onfiltered="ddrivetip(' _JavaScript tutorials','yellow', 300)"; onfiltered="hideddrivetip()"

    and i need to know how to put a photo in the tooltip plz help me

    note: i am using web page maker v.2
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    The code for Step 3 should do directly inside the element you wish a tooltip to pop up. In the example of a link, it would look something like:

    <a href="" onMouseover="ddrivetip('Visit')";
    ">Search Engine</a>

    As far as getting a picture to show up, you're probably better off using a script that's dedicated for that, for example, Image with description tooltip.


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