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    Hi this is Palak Sharma
    I am in my second year of my engineering. I like doing coding in different programming languages like C, C++, Java, PHP, Python and JS (Java Script). But Python and PHP are my favorite programming languages. Currently I am working on Windows 7, 10, 11 and IOS operating systems. Now I am looking to work in Linux OS can anyone suggest some Online Linux Terminal and is it important to use it with Linux OS?
    Secondly which OS will be best to work with and I also want to know Is installing Linux is easy as other OS like window 7, 10 and 11.
    And what specification will be need to install Linux OS.
    Waiting for some positive responses, would be a great support in this regard.

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    Hi there palak231,

    and a warm welcome to these forums.

    I only code in HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript but do have
    Linux Mint running on my PC beside Windows 10.

    I would suggest that you visit this site...

    What is Linux?

    ...for further information before beginning your journey.

    Other Linux users here may be able to provide you with
    more detailed information than my sparse comments.

    ~ the original bald headed old fart ~

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