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Thread: Switch Menu - alternative for document.write() and listener

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    Question Switch Menu - alternative for document.write() and listener

    1) Script Title:
    switch menu
    2) Script URL (on DD):
    3) Describe problem:

    Hi, please I am dealing with core vitals in google search console where they reporting me two problems with DD script:
    Attachment 6507

    1) Avoid document.write()
    For users on slow connections, external scripts dynamically injected via `document.write()` can delay page load by tens of seconds. Learn more.

    - is possible use different approach for these three document.write()?

    if (document.getElementById){ // change
    document.write('<style type="text/css">\n')
    document.write('.submenu{display: none;}\n')
    2) Registers an unload listener
    The `unload` event does not fire reliably and listening for it can prevent browser optimizations like the Back-Forward Cache. Use `pagehide` or `visibilitychange` events instead. Learn more

    - line 56 is this function function savemenustate(), can I improve it?

    function savemenustate(){
    var inc=1, blockid=""
    while (document.getElementById("sub"+inc)){
    if (document.getElementById("sub"+inc).style.display=="block"){
    var cookiename=(persisttype=="sitewide")? "switchmenu" : window.location.pathname
    var cookievalue=(persisttype=="sitewide")? blockid+";path=/" : blockid
    if (window.addEventListener)
    window.addEventListener("load", onloadfunction, false)
    else if (window.attachEvent)
    window.attachEvent("onload", onloadfunction)
    else if (document.getElementById)
    if (persistmenu=="yes" && document.getElementById)

    my code generate many (sometimes 50 for example) of these switch menus for my events, so it can slow my website significantly in eyes of google's PageSpeed tool. I am not good in JS, but need to fix it.

    Thank you.
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