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Thread: How to do the superscript in google docs

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    Default How to do the superscript in google docs

    Is there any way by which we can do the superscript in google docs. I searched for it but I am unable to find the perfect guide that helps me. Suggest me the place where I can learn either tell me how to make the words in superscript or subscript in google docs.

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    Google docs is one of the most powerful productivity tools around for any developer. It is a very good tool for people who work on multiple projects and it can help you do things like share documents with colleagues without having to share files with them...

    It’s also a great way to create app store updates and other branded material that can be shared with your friends and family.
    But there are a few things that come between you and being able to do it all in one place – namely, the superscript. Google docs has superscripts but they are not particularly useful, especially if you are working on more than one project. Many developers I know find it annoying to have to copy-paste different bits of information so often, especially when they want to show someone how they did something in their email client or what they did earlier in the day (which is often several hours old). We have seen cases where users have complained about this over and over again, even if we went out of our way not to include it for a particular user because of obvious reasons (e.g., Outlook does not support superscripts).
    But what if we could make Google docs more super-user friendly? What if we could use superscripts as an easy way to quickly access different chunks of information without having to copy-paste?

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