A few days ago, my Beats Solo3 mic was working just fine. It was plugged into the jack and everything was good. As of yesterday, the microphone has gotten so quiet that it only detects audio if i flick the microphone or i literally put it in my mouth. I thought it was a problem with my Beats, so I plugged in my Turtle Beach headset and same issue. I have my mic volume at 100% and boosted 30 DB, I have reinstalled my Realtek drivers, I have made it Do Nothing if there is background audio. This is very frustrating as I need this microphone for Zoom calls and communicating on games. None of the solutions I found on the internet are working, and it is even affecting my laptop's built-in speaker.


ASUS FX505DT Laptop

Ryzen 5 3550h

GTX 1060

8GB single channel RAM