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Thread: Sails.JS's publish method doesn't work in a controller, but works in the console

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    Default Sails.JS's publish method doesn't work in a controller, but works in the console

    Currently, I'm exploring web development to see what all the hype is about. Except for following a small 'create your first CRUD app in Node.JS' and some formal training in JavaScript, I have no experience.

    I'm new to JavaScript, NodeJS, Sails.JS, and WebSockets.

    My current problem is this:

    The app I'm trying to develop receives POST calls with a JSON object. This is the input part of the application. These POST calls originate from any random host.

    The output is a webpage that updates itself by listening on a Sails.JS powered WebSocket system called

    Basically, each POST from any host should result in an event on the WebSocket.

    Since I'm not building a formal REST API, I have to define some parts myself in Sails.JS. I do have blueprints enabled.

    First, in the controller that handles the POST call, I can call the code below so existing WebSockets can receive an event of a new ServiceHeartBeatSession being created. All the server side code mentioned here is located in the controller or executed in the console.

     , ServiceHeartBeatSession._room( );
    Then, the invoke method is executed to send this event to all listening WebSockets.

    ServiceHeartBeatSession.publish([ ], { "verb": "created" });
    However, the .publish method does not result in a event to an existing WebSocket. Unless I execute it myself in the console. The WebSocket is registered like this:

    io.socket.on('serviceheartbeatsession', function(resData) {
        alert('Something changed!!!!');
    I did some digging into the sourcecode and made some attempts at debugging this myself. Here's what I've found so far:

    Running the .publish call in the console produces the desired result.
    It appears that the .addRoomMembersToRooms is a requirement for the .publish to work in the console. So I'm assuming that .addRoomMembersToRooms works as intended.
    I tried the alternative below, but that doesn't work in the controller. However, it does work in the Node console.

    sails.sockets.broadcast([ ServiceHeartBeatSession._room( ], "serviceheartbeatsession", 'hi!');
    The following works as intended, but I prefer not to use that.

    Code:'serviceheartbeatsession', { verb: 'created' });
    The above attempt lacked a room selection, so I dug a little deeper. The calls below where the result of a .publish method. However, only after repeating this in the console, it worked.

    var emitter =;'sails_model_serviceheartbeatsession_5b6b26748377829d34983d67:serviceheartbeatsession'); // for example
    emitter.emit('serviceheartbeatsession', { verb: "created" });
    Check out the article:
    Anyone have any ideas?
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