I have a form that has 30 multiple dynamic checkboxes with the same name. When one of these checkboxes is selected it should populate a hidden radio button. I have the following code below and it works but only for the very first checkbox in the entire list. How do I get it to select the radio button regardless of what checkbox is selected.

function onToggle(){
       if (document.querySelector('#skillset').checked) {
          // if checked
          document.getElementById("radio-for-checkboxes").checked = true
          } else {
          // if unchecked

Page HTML 

<div class="checkboxs-wrapper">	
<input id="radio-for-checkboxes" type="radio" name="raido" value="2" required/>
<!-- BEGIN parentblockid -->
<p><a onclick="showLinks(['box2','boxlink1','boxlink3','boxlink4','boxlink5','boxlink6','boxlink7','boxlink8','boxlink9','boxlink10']); hideLinks(['boxlink2','box1','box3','box4','box5','box6','box7','box8','box9','box10'])" class="boxlink" id="boxlink2">{parentblockid.SBB_TITLE}</a></p>
<!-- END parentblockid -->
<div id="box2" style="display:none;">
<!-- BEGIN skillsetsa -->
<input type="checkbox" name="skillset[]" id="skillset" value="{skillsetsa.SBB_VALUE}" {skillsetsa.SBB_VALUECHECKED} data-role="none" required onclick="onToggle()">{skillsetsa.SBB_TITLE}</p>
<!-- END skillsetsa -->

Generated HTML 
 <div class="checkboxs-wrapper">	
 <input id="radio-for-checkboxes" type="radio" name="skillset[]" value="2" required/>
 <div style="display:none;">
 <input type="checkbox"  name="skillset[]" value="Equipment" >Equipment<br />
 <input type="checkbox"  name="skillset[]" value="Housing" >Housing<br />
 <input type="checkbox"  name="skillset[]" value="Other" >Other<br />