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Thread: Making Jack Anderson's Galleryview slideshow display in mobile devices

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    Question Making Jack Anderson's Galleryview slideshow display in mobile devices

    I've been away from coding for a while, mainly due to Google ending Classic sites and insisting that everything works on mobiles . I gave up on all my websites for some time, being demotivated.

    Classic sites are being closed by Google in 2021, so I need to get a decent slideshow system sorted for I find that Google's Image Carousel doesn't produce what I want from a slideshow, and neither does Google Slides. I'm still at a loss as to why they closed the brilliant Google Picasa, and Google New Sites is so restricting - but free hosting.

    I've tried a few things in the JS and CSS files (including CSS in html file) to get Jack's slideshow to shrink for mobiles, but have failed - miserably.

    The slideshows files are on Github at

    My Full site demo is at, which is built in Classic sites.

    The New sites trial page is at .
    Google's new sites has various problems, including that their Table Of Contents doesn't work when it's a single page site.

    Any pointers to get Jack's Galleryview slideshow to fit in a mobile phone screen would be greatly appreciated

    Many thanks
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