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Thread: How can I implement this into a html page?

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    Default How can I implement this into a html page?

    Quote Originally Posted by djr33 View Post
    There's a similar method for any type of input.
    A textarea isn't like the other inputs because it's a different tag. Instead of a value input, the "value" is just placed between the tags. So modify the code above like this:
    <textarea name="name"><?php if (!empty($_POST['name'])) { echo htmlentities($_POST['name']); } ?></textarea>

    Note that this method works for most types of input, perhaps with some manipulation (such as for a checkbox).
    However, for a select menu (maybe radio buttons as well) it becomes more complicated because you need to use a loop to determine which value was selected.
    Very late reply (9 years later), but how can you implement this into a html page? The PHP processor is a seperate .php document.

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    Don't load view twice, try to remove the loading of view from if($this->form_validation->run()== FALSE) because when the view loads then set_value inside it is triggered and you have called loading view after creating captcha. So remove the load view when validation errors are there like,
    if($this->form_validation->run()== FALSE) {
    /*echo "valid";
    // comment the below line, otherwise there are no loophole in your code

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