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Thread: Managing MySQL over a cloud?

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    Default Managing MySQL over a cloud?


    due to our limited resources we decided to use MySQL as a database for a project, because it is open source. But we also read a lot of good things about it, for example that it works very fast, is stable and easy to use. We also need a relational SQL database - the DBMS MySQL offers us that.
    To monitor and manage the database, we would test a DBaaS provider, such as the open source service Aiven for MySQL. The advantages have already shown us so far, as the features include PITR and database forking, among others. We can also embed this in a cloud of our choice.
    But now we wanted to find out if any of you have already worked with such providers? Is everything going well, can you rely on it? How secure is it actually, is the data sufficiently encrypted? Are log and metric integrations possible?

    We would be happy if someone could share some experiences!

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    This year I am working on a new project in the direction of embedded software. Among other things, the MySQL databases were used here. This is a reliable solution, you can not change for the safety and security of your data. But you need to use the right cloud storage. In my case, it was Amazon RDS for MySQL.
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