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Thread: Which Hosting Service is best for you? Looking for recommendations.

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    Default Which Hosting Service is best for you? Looking for recommendations.

    Hey folks, I just wondering if anyone here in this forum can suggest me a good hosting offer. I researched on google, found some big names but the packages they are offering are not suitable for me. The biggest problem I'm facing about namecheap vs bluehost actually. They both are good and quite reasonable. Can you guys suggest me which one I should take?

    Or, should I wait until the next black Friday for insane offers?
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    Both are fine, but they are not expensive, and the after-sales service is very professional.

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    Closing this thread. Questions regarding good hosting services is difficult to answer as individual needs vary greatly and this type of question can easily attract spam.

    To those looking for an answer to this question, it would be best to consult with a friend you trust or a professional. My best recommendation is to wait until you are a regular coder before asking this type of question or have at least 25 posts under your belt.
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