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Thread: Difficulty Resizing

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    I did a super duper cache purge, and it now works perfectly even in Firefox. God is in her heaven.

    Yes, it was to the CSS file that you recommended that change. Little did I know that putting it into the html file might be significant. Regardless, I made missteps along the way, and appreciate your cures. (I still do not understand why it did not work correctly to begin with.)
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    I still do not understand why it did not work correctly to begin with
    C'est la vie

    There was a time when an educated person could know and understand
    almost all the currently available knowledge of the Universe.

    Today this is evidently not at all possible, and will be more so in the future,

    The more knowledge there is, the less we, personally, know and understand.

    Society invented specialists in their field to cope with this problem.

    ~ the original bald headed old fart ~

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