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Thread: Howdy Everyone,

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    Default Howdy Everyone,

    I'm Mel Jorden from California, US. I am a professional web developer, so if you have anything to discuss on this topic or anything related to tech, I am all years. Apart from that, I love to connect with different people from around the world, talk about their hobbies and know them more. For fun I travel around the world, watch football, play video games and occasional karaoke! Would love to be a part of this amazing forum and meet new people here. I am looking forward to it with much anticipation.

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    Hello Mel! Nice to meet you!
    My name is Camila and I'm from Tolmezzo I work with link removed from past six years. That's so nice to hear that you love traveling because this is my favorite hobby too. I have traveled around 20 countries. My biggest dream of life is exploring Africa. I saw few countries but I want to see each and every part of the Africa, I love their culture, traditions and customs and I found African mostly friendly people in the world.
    Thank you! Looking forward from hearing you more

    Have a nice day!
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