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Thread: Port Forwarding through VPN Configure

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    Default Port Forwarding through VPN Configure

    Hello dynamicdrive army,

    After couple of hours of trying and error, I am hoping to get some help here.
    I am trying to configure a Port Forwarding from one pfSense Router to another through VPN connection. Some more detail on the current network:

    pfSense A (
    OpenVPN (
    pfSense B (

    The VPN connection is working correctly and the traffic seems to be routed correctly as far as I can tell.
    I have added a Port Forwarding rule on pfSense A to forward port 80 to an IP address on the LAN network of pfSense B (e.g. but that is not working. Port Forwarding to the LAN network of pfSense A (e.g. is working normal.
    Is there any rule I need to configure on the firewall of pfSense B?
    Should I port forward to the OpenVPN interface of pfSense B and the forward again to the LAN address or should I try other VPN that offers port forwarding?

    Thank you all in advance for any help on this topic!

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    I have used windscribe for a while and they also offer port forwarding I don't think there is really a difference which one you use, the easiest is to go with a provider that has this feature - Here's a list by maxwolfie from Reddit community.
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