1) Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts- Carousel Slideshow

2) https://freehits4u.com *Test site for trying ideas)
3) Describe problem:
There is no problem with the script, i think its great and will make my site different to others in my industry. I only h

I have one question as I am not a coder. My expertise in coding is find it, copy it, paste it lol
With the images in the carousel and the option to have these link to URL, how can i get the link to open in a new window, tab. I have tried various things that i found on Google with the target_blank etc and added it to the end of my link URL's but when i then check the carousel, it doesn't even appear on screen.
Is there somewhere in the code that i can set for the links to open in a new window or tab as i notice that yours on your page do open in new tab so Im just missing where to put it and what code to use to be correct.

Sorry for asking such a knowledgable question if your a coder, but not in my life time.

I look forward to any input and code to add or change in the script