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Thread: flatpickr first day of week Monday and shorthandcurrentMonth

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    Default flatpickr first day of week Monday and shorthandcurrentMonth

    I have started to use flatpickr on a form and it's working but want to add couple of options to it. I want to add the firstDayOfWeek so that Monday is the first day of the week and then want to shorthandCurrentMonth so it shows Jun instead of June

    I know the option code I have is sort of working as dateFormat: "d-m-Y", works if I change the date format and it shows the date format I alter in the dateFormat line but unsure why the firstDayofWeek and shorthandCurrentMonth is not working, below is the code I have

    <input name="date" id="flatpickr" placeholder="Choose a Date" class="form-control">
    var example = flatpickr("#flatpickr", {  
    // A string of characters which are used to define how the date will be displayed in the input box.
    dateFormat: "d-m-Y",
    // Show the month using the shorthand version.
    shorthandCurrentMonth: true,
    "locale": {
        "firstDayOfWeek": 1 // start week on Monday
    Update: Just got it working by using the cdn files as mentioned on as was originally using the code from them files but might be conflicting with something the way I did it originally or coding was possibly missing
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