WBCE CMS 1.4.23
TEMPLATE : Acourdesz
DDS REF / Horizontal Accordion script : http://dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex17/haccordion.htm

The Acourdesz website template comes with a horizontal accordion header that panes are opening on following mouse cursor movement detection : left to right and reversely ; up to down and reversely.

My wish is to prevent the panes opening when the mouse cursor is moved from up to down and reversely, so that panes only opens when mouse cursor is moved from left to right (and inversely). To achieve this, I may use one of my CMS add-on module that allows to include extra code (PHP, JS, or HTML) to a template or page*(screenshot) :*https://addons.wbce.org/pages/addons...o=item&item=37

The DDS Horizontal Accordion script is made of PHP, JS, and HTML, coding and CSS styled, but although I watch into these, I found none relevant mouse cursor movement setting strings (leftest, right, up or down). Consequently, I canít find out what further coding may lead the accordion to behave as I wish it to.

May one can help me to find what further coding is needed and can be added using the module ?