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Thread: PHP Select From Multiple Table with Separated Comma

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    Default PHP Select From Multiple Table with Separated Comma

    I have two tables in MySql.. First table's name is ANIMAL and second table's name is DESCRIPTION

    HTML Code:
     -----|------      ------|-------------|--------
        ida  | name        idb  | desc        | barcode
        -----|------      ------|-------------|--------
        1    | eagle        1   | bla bla bla | 1,3,4
        2    | lion         2   | cla cla cla | 3,4
        3    | bird         3   | dla dla dla | 1,2,3
        4    | bee          4   | ela ela ela | 2,4
        -----|------      ------|-------------|--------
    then I want to get all desc value from DESCRIPTION that related with bird in ANIMAL table. I tried with the following line code:

    $check = mysqli_query($dbconnection, "SELECT desc FROM description LEFT OUTER JOIN animal ON description.barcode=animal.ida WHERE'bird'");
    while($data=mysqli_fetch_array($check)) {
    $result = $data['desc'];

    but no result from my above line code. I have search in many tutorial but still no result too. Any solution how to get the data as I need? thanks before.

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    Your post accidentally got flagged as spam. Our spam filter can be overly strict with new visitors.

    One thing that I note, and it may cause troubles later if not already, is you have one column labeled as desc, which in MySQL is a command to sort values from highest to lowest and I'll admit is confusing me a bit.

    It looks like you are trying to work with a normalized table. Is that correct? Please see this useful introductory article on Normalized tables here.

    It seems obvious, but just to be sure, I take it that ida corresponds with idb?

    EDIT: I tried to recreate your table for DESCRIPTION and I was flagged for trying to use a reserved word (desc) as a column name.

    To help me out a bit more, could you list a couple example results and change the content you have in the desc column to more relevant data?
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