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Thread: How to Add a Label to an Internal Site Search Script

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    Default How to Add a Label to an Internal Site Search Script

    When I do a Google Lighthouse mobile audit on any of my web pages, I get dinged under accessibility for something in the Google search box I use on every page.

    Here is the web page I did an audit on:

    The failing element has to do with form elements on the internal site search box: "Form elements do not have associated labels."

    The problem is apparently with this line of code:

    <input name="qfront" type="text" style="width: 70%">
    I got this about script four or five years ago from Here is the link:

    Here is my code, as I adapted it for my purposes

    // Google Internal Site Search script- By (
    // For this and over 400+ free scripts, visit JavaScript Kit-
    // This notice must stay intact for use
    //Enter domain of site to search.
    var domainroot=""
    function Gsitesearch(curobj){
    curobj.q.value="site:"+domainroot+" "+curobj.qfront.value
        <section class="searchSection">
    <form action="" method="get" onSubmit="Gsitesearch(this)">
    <input name="q" type="hidden" />
    <input name="qfront" type="text" style="width: 70%"> 
    <input type="submit" value="" style="border-style: none; background: url('images/Search-Icon-1.png') no-repeat; width: 24px; height: 20px">
    The search seems to work just fine, but I don't know Javascript at all; and I have no idea how to address Google's accessibility concerns by adding a label. Since this part of my web page is tucked away in a little include file, I would only need to make the necessary code change once.

    So how to I add a label, without messing up how the search works? Please help!

    Thanks ellen

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    Hi there ellenjones6,

    this is a typical label example...

    <label for="search">search: </label>
    <input  type="text" name="qfront" id="search"> 
    Further reading:-

    1. Labels Required
    2. Accessible Forms Should Every Input Have a Label?

    ~ the original bald headed old fart ~

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    Thank you. I tried this. The problem is that it messes up the design. I don't want the word search in front of the search box. I just want the search box plus the little search icon. I followed the links you suggested, which recommended hiding labels when including them would mess up the design (text for screen readers only). I just couldn't figure out how to implement the recommendations with my code. Another approach would have the word search appear inside the window, but I am not sure if that would satisfy the accessibility requirements. Can you help?

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