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Thread: Help me with my project

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    Default Help me with my project

    I want my webpages to display content from data bases / excel / access files. Any one of them.

    I will manually enter data into my database files and that shall be embedded and displayed on webpage with live update.

    The whole files and webpage will be on the personal computer ad hosted on the same with sharing drive.

    Any help and suggestions on above project.

    Anywhere can i find such readily available template examples?

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    These guys have a nice blog with various templates.
    I often use them: Removed
    Hope to be helpful
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    Hello OldMann, welcome to the forums and we hope to see more from you.

    As you are a new member I removed your link as a precautionary measure to prevent potential spam abuse. While we do appreciate members providing responses with relevant, helpful links, we prefer members to have at least 5 useful posts before submitting links.

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