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Thread: Which of these frameworks is best for JavaScript.

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    Default Which of these frameworks is best for JavaScript.

    There are too many to make an informed decisions. I don't have the capacity to research them all.

    So I started learning JavaScript and once I was done with the basics it was time to move on to a framework... There are freaking too many. I just a want a website that like an online public journal posting website. Was JavaScript the best option? I know CSS, HTML and C++ but for website learned a little C# but it was little too much for me.
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    There are lots of javascript frameworks, jquery, vue.js , corner, response.js.

    But the web form tends to hide JavaScript from programming and try to do almost everything in code behind using Web from controls.

    A framework such as vue.js, angular, response.js tends to end up on the client side (even on one page that never publishes the response information that conflicts with the web form).

    They have their own design.

    If you want to use three popular frameworks, you better use web api.

    However, in a web form, only a small framework like these types - as jquery works well, you can use it simple and enough api to select a domain item, change their properties, insert or remove a new item before the message page back and still use web forms management.

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