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Thread: whatsapp links & looking for script?

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    Default whatsapp links & looking for script?

    Hi Guys

    My website is

    I have a Whatsapp button on each property and from a mobile phone the link works because I'm using, however if you are using on a Laptop this link does not work as the url needed is then

    So wondering if any of you smart people can suggest an alternative, or script I could use to automatically select the correct url to obtain the result on both phone and PC ??

    <!--Property Listing Start-->
    <div class="divborder col-md-1"><div class="divTable"><div class="divTableBody" id="P107239544"><div class="divTableRow">
    <div class="divTableCell"><p class="htext">click image to view gallery</p><a href="img/listing/107239544/gallery.html" target="_blank">&nbsp;<img class="pic" src="img/listing/107239544/cover.jpg" alt=""></a></div></div>
    <div class="divTableRow"><div class="divTableCell"><br><h2>This is a stunning, spacious duplex, facebrick unit in a popular complex, close to amenities.</h2><div class="divTableCell allabout imgsprite"></div>
    <br><p class="htext text-justify">
    Enjoy this sunny and bright home which offers a spacious open plan dining and lounge area with laminated floors, chandeliers and immediate access into the private garden. Downstairs guest toilet. Open plan modern kitchen with gas stove and scullery. Upstairs has three spacious bedrooms all leading onto the balcony and two neat bathrooms. Double garage. Privacy and close to Private Schools and Shopping Centres...
    </p><br><h1>Poortview</h1><h3><span class="zar zarsprite currtextsprite">R 1,595,000</span></h3>
    <div class="divTableCell receptionsprite imgsprite"><div class="textsprite">2</div></div><div class="divTableCell bedsprite imgsprite"><div class="textsprite">3</div></div><div class="divTableCell bathsprite imgsprite"><div class="textsprite">2</div></div><div class="divTableCell garagesprite imgsprite"><div class="textsprite">2</div></div><div class="divTableCell fibresprite imgsprite"><div class="textsprite">Y</div></div><div class="divTableCell petsprite imgsprite"><div class="textsprite">Y</div></div>
    <br><div class="divTableCell sizesprite imgsprite"><div class="bigtextsprite">180m</div></div><div class="divTableCell ratesprite imgsprite"><div class="bigtextsprite">TBA</div></div><div class="divTableCell levysprite imgsprite"><div class="bigtextsprite">R 2,251</div></div>
    <br><p class="hbond">Can you afford this mortgage (based on 20 Years @ Prime) per month - R 15,657</p><br><div class="divTableCell dianesprite imgsprite"></div></div></div><div class="divTableRow"><div class="divTableCell"><div class="social"><h4>&nbsp;</h4>&nbsp;<div class="p24sprite feathove"><a href="" target=_blank>&nbsp;<div class="divTableCell feathove"></div></a></div>&nbsp;&nbsp;<div class="privpsprite feathove"><a href="" target=_blank>&nbsp;<div class="divTableCell feathove"></div></a></div>
    &nbsp;&nbsp;<div class="whatsappsprite feathove"><a href="!%20;utm_medium=cpc&amp;utm_campaign=socialmedia" target=_blank>&nbsp;<div class="divTableCell feathove"></div></a></div></div></div></div></div></div></div>
    <!--Property Listing End-->
    Very Best Rgds, Simonf :cool:
    My Site | E-Mail Me

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    Something similar happened with my website ( and I did a lot of searching on the net and then I found these two tutorial guides that helped me solve my problem.

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