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Thread: HTTP to HTTPS redirect advice

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    Default HTTPS redirect advice

    However, on the Outside, shifting from http to https is Very straight forward:

    1. Buy an SSL certification,
    2. put in your own SSL certification in your own website's hosting accounts,
    3. Be certain any internet site backlinks are shifted from http to https so that they really are perhaps not divided once you reverse your https swap, also
    4. Setup 301 redirects from HTTP to HTTPS to ensure your web page's addresses have shifted so anyone who's sought a webpage in your own internet site is instantly redirected to the https tackle once you reverse off the change.
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    This was my original code file when i was using the http version.
    Im not to sure how to add it to this new code without breaking something.

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    Since you switched hosts, they are probably running a different version. This line tells the server to treat html and htm pages as php pages. What is actually happening though, is the php is trying to be served client-side, resulting in a download instead of an execution.

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