I have used the ddlevelsmenu.js and corresponding css for several years, and they work beautifully. This week, however, I am moving the site from WebForms to an Angular Application. All is installed, and the top-level menus are on the page, but the submenus do not appear on a mouse hover.

The CSS files are in ./assets/stylesheets
The js file is in ./assets/scripts

In the footer of the app.component.html I have this call:

<script src="../../assets/scripts/ddlevelsmenu.js"></script> <!-- Navigation menu -->
and in the styles.scss I have these two imports:

@import "./assets/stylesheets/ddlevelsmenu-base.css";
@import "./assets/stylesheets/ddlevelsmenu-topbar.css";
If I Ctrl-Click any of those three lines, the source file opens in VS Code, so I am assuming the path information is correct.

Everything compiles, and the F12 Dev tools report no issues.

Any insights on how to get the mouse hover to work in the Angular application?

Thank you in advance for giving this a look.

- damon