1) Animated Header Menu

2) http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamici...headermenu.htm

3) I have two mirror sites. One designed for desktop, the other for mobile devices. I recently deployed Animated Header Menu across all my desktop sites and it works perfectly. I changed the mobile settings breakpoints to 640px. Next in the I added a simple redirect script set on a breakpoint of 1200px. Here is what is happening. The redirect are working and i am being sent to the mobile sites. But the accordian menu is not responsive. This happens on both my iPhone 7 and Moto G4. But if I use my iPad I still get redirected to the mobile site but the accordian menu is not displayed. Instead I get the full menu which operates perfectly. I do suspect this behavior might be due to the breakpoint in the JS and CSS files not matching the redirect breakpoint. Any knowledge or suggestions are appreciate. The site I am currently working on is https://www.clickerflicker.com and its mobile site of https://m.clickerflicker.com. With the default being the index.htm file. I have stopped implement on the mobile site until I can get past the non-responsive accordian menu.

Jim Thoma