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    Assume, please, a web site with a fair number of pages that have content that is both good and original--the kind of content that tends to rank well with search engines. What will be the effect if pages are added that consist essentially of the text of materials on other sites. The kinds of pages would be text of statutes, or of court opinions. (No copyright infringement issues.) I would not expect those additional pages to show up in searches. My question, however, is whether presence of such pages will have any effect on the ranking of pages that are original, and the site in general.

    Would the answer be the same for different search engines? Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.?



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    Well I'm not a SEO expert but according to me and many other experts search engines have some common ranking factors you may read them in SEO community forums and SEO blogs, that means creating a content for web pages and creating content for search results both are quite diffrent is any original content you create content you need, and when creating content for search engines you create contect for readers who will read your post.

    For example

    You may take any famous blog or website you can see they create original content for a website but those pages won't rank higher because that content is only created for website users, not for users coming from search engines.
    Topic The Myths About China's Economic Slowdown, Into the path URL of this Forbes post, have 0 traffic from Google SERP. after having a originally created content with a high DA.

    Now Take Topic Forgot Gmail Account Password? Recover Now, A page from common tutorial blog which aim for password related help this post have reaches with 822 keyword in search engine.

    Reason for low ranking of forbes because that content is created for forbes readers not for search engine, but the next topic is a source content to provide help, and created for users finding solution from search engines.

    I hope it helps.


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