1) Describe Work Request (be as detailed as possible): See below.

2) Payment methods you support (ie: Paypal, 2checkout etc): Paypal

Is there anyone who would be willing to help me, via email or chat, to finalize some pages for my website? I'd gladly pay for such help.

I've been using the Larry Ullman books (on PHP 5, MySQL, and Dynamic websites), and I've made a lot of progress in understanding the various scripts. Yesterday, in fact, I really thought that I was about to succeed in putting it all together. This morning, however, I realized that there are still a bunch of small things that I don't understand.

By myself, it will still take me weeks to do this. With some informed help, it will probably take me only a few days.

What I would love would be just to be able to send someone an Ullman script, as modified for my project, and then ask some questions, and get it to the point where it would actually work.

I've been working at this by myself for a long time and at this point, I'm close but I'm also terribly discouraged.

In terms of amount, I've no real idea. I'd like to go page by page (registration; login; loggedin; new_entry; edit_entry; retrieve). I'm hoping that it might be in the neighborhood of, say, $100 altogether, but that's not written in stone.