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PHP Photo Album script v2.11

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Trying to get script to run on a clean page and a new site

Once I accomplish this I will make it a server side include to pull in but right now after many attempts I am trying on a clean page and I get nothing to work right

The images are of my daughter playing volleyball and are organized in sub-directories under Images as such (Serving, passing etc.)

on IE I got it to at least show CloseX and image loading but on Chrome I get nothing at all (see attachment)

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Not sure if I need to do something with .htaccess or I need to change permissions on any files to execute or if I need to ftp in ASCII or something

I am a rusty neophyte - been 10 + years since I have done this and the brain is older and slower and more forgetful

ANY help is appreciated. She is playing in Nationals I want this for the college coaches