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Thread: How to show a specific content for visitors?

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    Default How to show a specific content for visitors?

    Hello everyone,

    I'd like to show a specific page or article for visitors based on their screentime. For example, if they stay 40 seconds on a page, I woud like to suggest them a different page than if they stay 20 seconds. I'm using Wordpress.

    Is there a pluging or a specific code to implement?

    Thank you very much,

    Have a nice day.

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    Don't know of anything like that out there, but - depending upon exactly what you're looking for, should be fairly easy to come up with. I still don't fully grasp what you would like to see happen though. To that end -

    Define "suggest". Do you mean:

    1.) a text recommendation that changes as time passes
    2.) a link that changes its href depending upon how much time has passed

    Something else?
    - John

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