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Thread: Forum page in a dynamic iFrame ?

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    Default Forum page in a dynamic iFrame ?

    Hi Sorry if this is a stupid question, I am very green

    I am building my first web site, and would like to incorporate a forum into it. I already installed PhbBB forum, and it seems to work fine. Now I would like to integrate it as seamlessly as possible into one of the site web pages, with intact header and footer. Can you guys help me do that ? I was able to put in the forum index page in an iFrame, but there is a problem with the height - it doesnt auto resize, when the contents of the iFrame get too long. I obviously don't want to have two sets of scroller bars for the page height. Is there a way to generate a script that would resize the parental page to accommodate the whole length of the forum iFrame, so that there is only an "outside" slider ?? Or may be there is an altogether easier solution to the problem ? Both forum and web site are on the same server. Thanks in advance !!

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