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Thread: Latest version of cPanel is breaking all my websites

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    Default Latest version of cPanel is breaking all my websites

    Bluehost is currently upgrading to a new version of cPanel that has removed the PHP Config tool and replaced it with a Multi PHP Manager. PHP Config used to allow you to choose between single php.ini and standard php.ini, but the new version defaults to single php.ini forcing a single include path for the entire account This results in a second domain on the count displaying the correct URL but the content from the first website. There is a MultiPHP.ini Editor tool, but it doesn't work properly and makes a huge mess of the .htaccess while adding a user.ini file that is redundant and cannot be edited except with the tool. I don't want to have to rewrite the code for all my websites. The way it used to work, I would just define the include path in the php.ini and place a copy in the root and whatever folder contained php files for the domain. Having multiple websites under one shared hosting account was never a problem before. Now with the server defaulting to single php.ini, all websites are forced to use the include path defined in /public_html; any other php.ini in any other folder is ignored. There is no way for the end user to change this server-wide setting. I suppose it would work if all php files were placed in the domain root, but this is such bad programming protocol that I can't bear to do it. Maybe it would work if I hard-coded the full path in the includes, but that seems to defeat the purpose of the include path. Does anyone know how to disable the single php.ini setting?

    I started frantically moving my accounts to GreenGeeks 2 days ago because a tech told me their server guys could disable the single php.ini for me, but turns out they use PHP Selector which seems even worse than what Bluehost has. I can't even tell you have many hours and weeks of my life have been wasted over this. I thought I had finally found a host that would let me control the php.ini the way it used to be, but it seems cPanel has decided to put an interface between the web developer and the php.ini so I would have to find a host that doesn't use cPanel or figure out a way around their "improvements." Has anyone else encountered this issue and found a way around it? I am dreading the day that Bluehost upgrades the servers where my main accounts reside and suddenly the websites all show a white page with a fatal error message. So far none of the techs seem to even understand what I am talking about. The irony is that the Knowledge Base on Bluehost still has instructions for how it used to work, which is what I wish were true, but it is not. Now the default is single php.ini... this is what happens when you fix something that ain't broke. Would greatly appreciate some new eyes on this dilemma.

    The Bluehost servers have 3 different ways to use PHP:

    Standard PHP (Default)

    By default all accounts use standard PHP. With standard PHP selected, a php script will use the server's master php.ini configuration file if the script's directory does not contain a php.ini file. You can install the default php.ini file to your public_html folder using the "PHP Config" option in your cPanel. You may make any changes to this file and the modification will take precedent over the master file. With standard PHP selected in the cPanel, you will need to copy the modified php.ini file into all subdirectories containing php files which are to use the custom php settings.

    Note: Different folders can have different php.ini files containing different php settings. If you need to use different php settings for two different scripts, you can place them each in their own folder and with their own php.ini file.
    PHP Single php.ini

    To avoid copying the same php.ini file to each and every directory containing php files, you may select PHP Single php.ini. This option changes the php handler defined in ~/public_html/.htaccess to indicate that all subfolders use the same php.ini found in public_html/.

    Note: The .htaccess php handler is recursive through all subdirectories unless a subdirectory has a .htaccess file also defining a php handler.

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    Even though the techs said it couldn't be done, I have finally figured out a solution to the problem myself that works on both Bluehost and GreenGeeks.

    How to override the single php.ini default setting of PHP Selector and the latest version of cPanel. You don't need the MultiPHP INI Editor at all:

    1) Create an Add-On domain.
    2) Set the include path in a clean copy of the php.ini for your php version.
    3) Copy the edited php.ini to the domain root and rename to .user.ini.
    4) Create an .htaccess file containing only those settings you changed in the php.ini and copy to the domain root. For example...

    #<IfModule php54_module>
    php_value error_reporting E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
    php_value include_path ".:/usr/php/54/usr/lib64:/usr/php/54/usr/share/pear:/home/username/public_html/"
    php_value date.timezone "Pacific/Honolulu"
    ErrorDocument 404 /php/404.php

    For 7.0 just change the 54 to 70. This method is so clean and easy compared to the mess the MultiPHP INI Editor tool makes. You don't need that tool. You don't even need a php.ini or .user.ini in the php folder.

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