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Thread: Making (a) sub values to a form drop-down list item.

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    Post Making (a) sub values to a form drop-down list item.


    I'm trying to make (a) sub values to a form drop-down list item.
    For example there are A, B, C, D items in a form drop-down list and when the A item was selected its sub-options/sub-values, a-1(it will have the same value of A itself and appears selected), a-2, a-3, a-4 appears under the drop-down list box in the position of predefined <div> area enumerating in a row. Of course when one of the sub-options/sub-values was selected and submitted the form action sent its value instead of the A value. I think it's a common coding issue.

    And one more thing, i.e. how to get a feed back about a visited site (on my site) of a visitor? The point is that the feed back is not for on my site but for one of the visited sites (on my site) of the visitor. The script should recognize the click on the site the visitor made.

    Anyone can help on these problems ?


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