I would like to add a video player on my second website.

This existing player of which J S helped with a few years back can be seen here,

Now using the same player i would also like to have it here,

The buttons for the selection choice would be placed at the end of the thumbnails on the page,currently you will see PINE DRESSER of where the first one will be shown.

In my Index file at line 404 i have entered the below code as a starting point,
<!-- Videos start here -->
<div id="playlist-holder">
<ul id="playlist">

<li class="first selected" 
data-mp4="videomp4/PINE-DRESSER.mp4" data-poster="videomp4-/PINE-DRESSER.png">PINE DRESSER</li>

<span id="show-playlist" title="hide playlist"></span>
<!-- end #playlist-holder -->
I am not sure of the video container size yet but thinking around 800 x 600

Please can you assist with the copying of files from one site to the other.

Many thanks again.