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    I'm trying to resolve the following problems about search engine:

    1) On the sample page, ;
    when the visitors select 'Google', 'Yahoo', 'Bing' making the actual search menus of the sites, e.g. 'All, Images, News, Videos, Maps, ..... More[....] for Google', for the search words to be appeared below the search bar and of course showing the search result for the search terms after the search

    2) Scraping 'Google', 'Yahoo', 'Bing' search results for 'Ehyeh' search search terms to 'Ehyeh' search result pages without 'Google/Yahoo/Bing's paid results, i.e. ads, and making the search result pages with 'Ehyeh' search's own relevance and popularity with the scraped

    3) Making a function of that the visitors can report 'correct' or 'incorrect' for the info of their visited document/page/site and of course a function to retrieve the gathered data.


    P.S. You can confer the site for the issue 1 above.
    P.S.1 The payment can be discussed prior to be taken. It can also be discussed per issue.
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