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Thread: Gallery is not showing in Full Screen

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    Default Gallery is not showing in Full Screen

    Hi All,
    I have an issue with one of my website page where I attached two pages with iframe. In a single page my gallery shows in full screen when I enter full screen.

    But I attached two pages with iframe the "Enter Full Screen" of gallery doesnot work.

    Now this was sorted by jscheuer1 before but recently I have used some updated version of .js which casued me blocking me to enter full screen.

    This is the link where I used iframe to attached two pages..

    Heres the code of Java Script currently I have

        // Load the classic theme
        // Initialize Galleria
    	    // Toggles the fullscreen button
    	    _showFullscreen: true,
    	    // Toggles the lightbox button
    	    _showPopout: false,
    	    // Toggles the progress bar when playing a slideshow
    	    _showProgress: true,
    	    // Toggles tooltip
    	    _showTooltip: true,
    	    // Localized strings, modify these if you want tooltips in your language
    	    _locale: {
    	        show_thumbnails: "Show Thumbnails",
    	        hide_thumbnails: "Hide Thumbnails",
    	        play: "Play",
    	        pause: "Pause",
    	        enter_fullscreen: "Enter Fullscreen",
    	        exit_fullscreen: "ExitFullscreen",
    	        popout_image: "Popout image",
    	        showing_image: "Image %s sur %s"
    if(window.location.href !== top.location.href){
    		var topdoc = top.window.document, topiframe = topdoc.getElementsByName('iframe1')[0].style;
    		$('body').on('click', '.galleria-fullscreen', function(){
    			var $t = $(this);
    				if($t.parents('.galleria-container').eq(0).hasClass('fullscreen')){ = 'hidden';
    					topiframe.height = '100%';
    					topiframe.width = '100%';
    					topiframe.position = 'fixed'; = 0;
    					topiframe.left = 0;
    				} else { = '';
    					topiframe.height = '';
    					topiframe.width = '';
    					topiframe.position = ''; = '';
    					topiframe.left = '';
    			}}, 300);
    Please help me on this.

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