Hello everyone!
I am new here and am probably not in the right forum, I have to start somewhere.

What I want to do and don't know is... I would like to send an e-mail using AOL and
have a link on the email that will play a video
I have MP4 videos that I want to send in email, but I don't want the recipient to have to
download it unless they want to...so I can't send it as an attachment.
I want the person to just click on the link and the music video start playing.

I have three websites and am quite familiar with HTML5 and CSS3, but that is about the extent of it.
The videos are on my webhost's server so I can direct the link to there .... or I also have them on my
home computer.
I just simply have no idea of how to put a link into an e-mail that will play a video.

I'm pretty sure that I have posed this question in the wrong forum, and I apologize for that.
But I really could use some guidance

Thank you, John Gann ( keytoner )