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    Default Thumbnail default size

    Afternoon all.
    I am making another site but stuck on an issue & looking for some advice please.

    Here is the page in question
    On the right we have thumbnails of which when selected loads the larger sized image.

    I would like please some help with making the thumbnails a default size of 360x225
    I would also like to restrict the larger size to a default of 1200x800

    What i am finding is that i am having to resize each image for when i save them in the thumbs folder because it pushes other images out of sync etc otherwsie.
    I would like to just put then photo in the thumbs folder but when shown on the site it would only be a thumb of 360x225.
    Please could you assist.

    Have a great new year.

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    I find the best way is to do it in my css file

    Try this in your css file

    .thumb{border-radius:10px;border:2px solid #748178;float:left;width:360px;height:225px;padding:2px;box-shadow:0px 40px 15px -25px rgba(0, 0, 0,.25);margin: 10px 10px 10px 10px;}
    .thumb:hover{border-radius:10px;border:2px solid #FF0000;float:left;width:360px;height:225px;padding:2px;box-shadow:0px 40px 15px -25px rgba(0, 0, 0,.25);margin: 10px 10px 10px 10px;}
    <div><img class="thumb" src="img/1.jpg" alt="" ></div>
    <div><img class="thumb" src="img/2.jpg" alt="" ></div>
    <div><img class="thumb" src="img/3.jpg" alt="" ></div>
    <div><img class="thumb" src="img/4.jpg" alt="" ></div>
    <div><img class="thumb" src="img/5.jpg" alt="" ></div>
    <div><img class="thumb" src="img/6.jpg" alt="" ></div>
    If you look on a website i did abd scroll down a little you will see the featured has a smaller imag then further down on the actual listing etc.

    and the above is how I do that...


    p.s I'm sure there are other ways to do it.... this is my way, use it or loose it up to you guys....
    Very Best Rgds, Simonf :cool:
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