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Thread: Click on Triggering on iOS

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    Default Click on Triggering on iOS

    I am using a mobile phone (emulators wont work). I generated something that works similar to JQuery but not the same.
    The website is website. So you will noticed a 'Content' tab on the top of the page. If you preform a click on anything you will see it being appened to the area called triggered. If you actually click on something that has a link you will see something .xtrigger etc. (The event handler).
    Now if you move to another section of the website Eg the Visual Media page. You will notice something that there are items called 'Toggle Style'. If you click on that you will notice it changing. The issue I am having is that those actually dont get triggered nor does it seem to be detected in iOS.
    If you need the js files please let me know because I will send you a whitelist code.

    - Deadweight

    Update so I fixed the toggle issue. It now works; however, if it is the straight down view of the videos the "hover" effect fails. If it is the horizontal view it toggles correctly (on the grey sections) but that is CSS.
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