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Thread: How to call Jason api in

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    Default How to call Jason api in

    I want to call an api of JASON in project. How can I do that?I am using MVC framework

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    I hope you mean JSON. And though I cannot help you with or MVC, as I'm not all that familiar with them, in fact, in that direction I only know a little bit of generic asp. But JSON itself isn't an api, rather a strict method of representing arrays and/or objects as text and converting freely back and forth between the textual representation and the object/arrays depicted by it.

    So, in theory at least, whatever you're using, if the api employs JSON text, you can extract the information in it in a wide variety of ways. Each coding system has a way to both encode and decode JSON text. Just use that to get the objects/arrays it represents and them parse them as such (as objects and/or arrays) to suit your purposes.

    Sorry I can't be more specific at this time. Does that at least make sense to you?

    A quick Google suggests:

    is the syntax for extracting the objects/arrays in a JSON string in

    Are you needing to also request the string?
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