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Thread: array issue

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    Default array issue

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!

    My issue is checking a array variable in a if statement to see if it empty.


    if pram(2) = "" then
    if empty redirect
    not empty run code
    end if

    This is how my array is created

    strString=Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_X_ORIGINAL _URL")
    strArray = split(strString, "/")
    Redim pram(uBound(strArray))
    For i = 0 to uBound(strArray)
    pram(i) = strArray(i)

    I can get empty array by

    if uBound(strArray) = -1 then

    But I want to check the second item in the array if it's empty. The first item in the array will exist but the second item may not exist and then I need the to redirect the user accordingly.

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    be careful of using the If strMyArray(1) = "" condition to determine if your array is empty.

    first, this is actually checking the second element in the array. remember that arrays are zero-based! so if you really wanted to do this, it would have to be written as If strMyArray(0) = ""

    and the second reason to be careful using this, is that an empty string in one element doesn't necessarily mean that all other elements are empty too!

    Sorry! Noticed this is an old thread!
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