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Thread: Cut & Paste Zoom In Out Script

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    Default Cut & Paste Zoom In Out Script


    I found this script from "" for zooming in and out of an image. I would like to use it in my Genealogy Interactive DVD, so that family members may zoom in on the photos I will provide. The script does not work on any of the newer browser platforms; IE 11; Chrome 61.; FireFox; and Safari 5. It also does not function on Windows 10 Edge. My questions is would it work if changes were made to the script. I am willing to learn how to fix the script to make it work because this script does exactly what I would like the image display function do. I have looked at several other zoom scripts which require you to already have a larger image of the photograph. I (we) will be using this capability to view and search information that could be 'hidden' on several hundred photographs.

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    Have a look at one or more of the scripts featured here:

    I'm pretty sure you will find something that both works on modern browsers, and that suits your purposes.
    - John

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